ut3-records / muziekkompagnie vzw
Spoorweglaan 84, 9230 Wetteren – Belgium

Truus De Winter : musical direction, editing
Diederik Suys : sound, mastering
Trees Veeckman : secretary

Audio gear

Microphones :  DPA 4003 Stereo Kit 130 V, SE Z5600 aII, Neumann KM 184
Preamp / AD :   Grace Design, Benchmark, Lynx Aurora 8
Monitoring :      PMC TB2A, Tannoy Active Reveal,Sennheiser HD 650
Registration :    Boom Recorder
Mixing & mastering: SSL X-DESK, Elysia XFilter &  XPressor / Tascam DV-RA1000HD

Recording services

UT3-Records has over a decade of recording experience. Numerous artists trusted their sound to the UT3 microphones.

If you are interested in having your production recorded, please contact us with some details, we will be honored to propose you the best deal.

Recording control room setup