UT3-Records launches Studio Master downloads


Buy, Download, Listen.

Hearing music in high resolution is a simple, straightforward process.

You need the following:

• A storage location (PC, MAC, Harddrive, USB...).
Choose a High-Resolution Audio file or Studio-Master file from our STUDIO MASTERS CATALOG. After purchase, download the file to your computer.
Hi-Res files are zipped into one downloadable file and are to be unzipped on your computer.
Hi-Res files volume can be quite important, means that download time could be long.
Do NOT close your browser while downloading.

• A player and software that can handle High Resolution files.
VLC is a good choice for PC users, iTunes or FLACtunes for MAC users.
Available formats are ALAC for MAC and iOS users, FLAC for all other systems.

• Under certain circumstances a digital-to-analog converter (onboard PC and MAC converters are not sufficient).
Play the Hi-Res Audio files on a mobile or at-home system equipped with High-Resolution Audio gear.

• A good amplifier and speakers (or headphones) are recommended!
High-Resolution files or Studio Master files are coded as 24bit/96kHz, this represents the primary recording quality use by UT3-Records.

• For downloads, however, a registration is compulsory.

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Available High Resolution Recordings